Learning Perl, 8th Edition

O’Reilly Media is going ahead with Learning Perl, 8th Edition to cover v5.32, and to be perhaps the last edition of the title if Perl 7 works out (which you can read about in Preparing for Perl 7 from PerlSchool). This would be the fifth iteration of Tom Phoenix’s original vision that become the third edition. After this edition, I think a completely new text might be in order. That’s a way off though. (However, a summer later, it looks like Perl 7 isn’t happening).

O’Reilly also wants to add some notes, where appropriate, about possible ways to do things for Perl 7. Since Perl 7 is basically v5.32 with different defaults, that’s not that hard.

Some things of I want to update, along with any minor things I might need to change. Nothing major, and some of these I might decide are a bad idea at this level: