As we update chapters, we’ll also update a post for that chapter to give you a summary of what’s new or different. Some of the chapters won’t change that much (so their updates will be really boring), but some of the chapters are going to change quite a bit, especially since we’re building Unicode into the entire book.

Changes from the Eighth Edition

The changes in the Eighth Edition are slight and mostly refine the book for Perl v5.34.

Changes from the Sixth to Seventh Editions

  • Chapter 1, Introduction
  • Chapter 2, Scalar Data
  • Chapter 3, Lists and Arrays
  • Chapter 4, Subroutines
  • Chapter 5, Input and Output
  • Chapter 6, Hashes
  • Chapter 7, In the World of Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 8, Matching with Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 9, Processing Text with Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 10, More Control Structures
  • Chapter 11, Perl Modules
  • Chapter 12, File Tests
  • Chapter 13, Directory Operations
  • Chapter 14, Strings and Sorting
  • Chapter 15, Process Management
  • Chapter 16, Advanced Topics
  • Appendix D, Experimental Features

Changes from the Fifth to Sixth Editions

I previously published the changes from the Fifth to Sixth Editions: