Learning Perl Giveaway

I’ve found another extra copy of Learning Perl, 6th Edition, and I’m going to give it away. In previous giveaways I’ve been creative, sometimes asking people to send me a postcard, donate to a charity, or something else. I’m not going to give people a book without getting something from them.

This time, I’ll send this book to someone who wants to replace their current Learning Perl or other beginning Perl book. Post a picture of yourself with the book you’d like to replace and link to this blog post, along with a short explanation why you need to replace your Perl book. The picture has to be available to anyone without logging in to any sort of account, and licensed under a share-alike agreement so I can repost my favorite photos. Don’t hide your picture in Facebook!

A photo that Schwern might submit if he wanted a free book

By the end of July, I’ll choose the picture that I like the most and send that person a free Learning Perl signed by me.

I might favor some items in your photo, and give even more favor to photos that combine those elements.

  • Famous landmarks
  • Bigfoot
  • Scenery used in a movie (leaning toward New Zealand here)
  • Very large beers
  • Military matériel
  • Llamas

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