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Learning Perl Challenge: Be better than Quorum (Answer)

Did you come up with something better than Quorum in the previous Learning Perl challenge? There’s been some spirited conversations since then and some surprising new information.

Learning Perl Challenge: Be better than Quorum

Sinan Ünür wrote about some click bait that claimed Perl programmers were worse than programmers in a fictional language named Quorum. His post goes through all the experimental and analytic errors, as many of his posts do.

Learning Perl Challenge: March Madness

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathway is insuring Quicken Loans’ prize of $1 Billion dollars to someone who picks a perfect March Madness bracket and 20 prizes of $100,000 to the closet brackets. The rules won’t be enumerated until March 3, but so far they haven’t outlawed Garciaparra-ing by pulling a Nandor. If you want people to […]

Learning Perl Challenge: Remove intermediate directories

I often run into situations where I have directories that contain only one file, a subdirectory, with contain only one file, a subdirectory, and so on for a long chain, until I get to the interesting files. These situations come up when I have only part of a data set so the files that would […]

Learning Perl Challenge: popular history (Answer)

June’s challenge counted the most popular commands from a shell history. Some shells remember the last commands you used so you can start a new session and still have them available. For this exercise, I’ll assume the bash shell. You setup the history feature by telling your shell to track the history. You want to […]