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Powerful command-line options

Gabor has his listicle for 7 of the most useful Perl command line options, although it’s really five after giving separate items for the -v / -V and -e / -E pairs. The others are -p, -n, and -i. I have my own list that I’d like to share. You might not like my list; […]

The locale’s thousands separator

Perl can use the thousands separator appropriate for your locale, as well as the appropriate decimal separator. The Number::Format from CPAN can do all sorts of interesting localizations, but POSIX can do it. I debated offering an example in Learning Perl (7th Edition), but POSIX‘s localeconv function returns a hash reference. And, although I’ve added […]

when(), Try::Tiny, and autodie

I’m working on Chapter 17, which is the catch-all chapter for topics we think that segue into the other books in the Learning Perl series. Although Mastering Perl has an entire chapter on catching and reporting errors, we want to at least survey the topic in Learning Perl. The first edition of Learning Perl noted […]

Updates to chapter 17, “Advanced Topics”

[This post notes differences between the fifth and sixth editions.] Chapter 17 of Learning Perl is a catch-all chapter at the end of the book. We cover some “advanced” items to pique the interest of the reader and to segue into Intermediate Perl. Mostly, this covers grep, map, and eval. Since we also cover Perl […]