Learning Perl, 5th Edition giveaway

I’m giving away two extra copies of Learning Perl, Fifth Edition, which is the previous edition. I think these things multiply when I’m not looking because I keep finding them no matter how many I give away. This is still a good book. If you’re using or want to use Perl 5.10 but haven’t investigated its new features, this is a fine book for you. I’ll send this book anywhere the US Postal Service lets me.

I’m going to give these away to someone I randomly pick from the set of people who help get the word out about the new edition:

There are some other ways that you can get this book that don’t involve publicity:

  • Send me a postcard from your home town. Remember to tell me how to get in touch with you.
  • Correctly predict who will win the Tour de France general classification and the time difference to second place.