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Pre-order Learning Perl 8th Edition

Learning Perl, 8th Edition, covering up to Perl v5.34, should be available in August. In the previous post I outlined some of the updates, although back then we though v5.32 would be the last version in the Perl 5 range. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon. Amazon has an initial price that’s a bit […]

Looking for Learning Perl reviewers

[I’ve found enough reviewers and am not accepting more. If you’ve been a reviewer for a past Learning Perl, however, you can volunteer again. If you’re interested in doing this sort of work, pay attention to any of my blogs since I’m likely to start revising another book when I finish this one.] I’ve got […]

We’re starting Learning Perl, 7th edition

The holiday season tends to find me writing Perl books. This time it’s the next edition of Learning Perl, last published for Perl v5.14. This time we’re targeting v5.24, and there are lots of exciting new features that we want to tell the new Perl users. We can’t make promises at the beginning of the […]

Should we call it “Learning Perl 5”

Should we re-title Learning Perl to Learning Perl 5 for the next edition? How much of a fuss would we cause? Our trick is to position our book for the major version of Perl that most everyone uses (Perl 5) next to the same sort of book for the mostly different language with the same […]

Why we teach bareword filehandles

There’s a debate raging in Perl 5 Porters over some updates to perlopentut. Mike Doherty sent a patch to remove the bareword filehandles, stepping into the overlapping minefields of fashionable practice and documentation authorship. That second one is beyond the scope of Learning Perl, so I’ll ignore it even though that’s almost the entire debate. […]