Looking for Learning Perl reviewers

[I’ve found enough reviewers and am not accepting more. If you’ve been a reviewer for a past Learning Perl, however, you can volunteer again. If you’re interested in doing this sort of work, pay attention to any of my blogs since I’m likely to start revising another book when I finish this one.]

I’ve got Learning Perl, 7th Edition building on O’Reilly’s Atlas system. That means I can start showing it to other people for comments and reviews. If you think that you’d like to be one of those people, send me an email (the first step being the sort who can find my email address).

I generally have some rules for this sort of participation to maximum my writing time and minimize duplication of responses. If you’d like to participate, I generally deal with reviewers under these guidelines:

  • I’m mostly looking for people to ensure I haven’t lied too much. You’re reviewing my Perl, mostly.
  • I’m mostly low-tech about this. I’ll send PDF attachments when I have them.
  • You aren’t required to do anything, because you have a life too. There’s only one deadline: the date O’Reilly takes the book away from me.
  • I don’t respond to your comments. I make the change or I don’t, but I need to focus on the book and not the reviewers.
  • I acknowledge everyone who helped—no matter the extent—in the front of the book. I can usually get you a free copy to show off to your friends and family.