Student Workbook for Learning Perl, 2nd Edition

The Student Workbook for Learning Perl, 2nd Edition is now available for $3.99 for the DRM-free digital version, in either mobi, ePub, or PDF formats.

I wrote the first edition in 2005 as a collection of extra exercises and detailed solutions for each of the chapters in Learning Perl, then the third edition. Since 2005, we’ve released three more editions of Learning Perl. While the exercises and answers I wrote in 2005 are still good, there is new content and new features that need new exercises, including:

  • Smart matching and given-when
  • Interacting with CPAN
  • Perl 5.10+ new features

So far, this is going to be a digital-only offering, although if you’d really like a paper version, let O’Reilly know what you’d like to buy. As with any business, O’Reilly would like to offer the book in any way that will be profitable.