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Learning Perl, 8th Edition

O’Reilly Media is going ahead with Learning Perl, 8th Edition to cover v5.32, and to be perhaps the last edition of the title if Perl 7 works out (which you can read about in Preparing for Perl 7 from PerlSchool). This would be the fifth iteration of Tom Phoenix’s original vision that become the third […]

Pre-order Learning Perl, 7th Edition

[Now that the book has been published you don’t need to pre-order it. Just order-order it.] Learning Perl, 7th Edition is now available for pre-order. thinks they’ll have it by the end of September. Now that you can buy the book, I’ll start posting about what’s different in the new edition. We cover up […]

Advice to a new Perl user

A Learning Perl reader asked me for some advice in private email. After I typed it out I felt like posting it for everyone. He graciously let me use his questions and my answers. 1. I wish to use Perl on Windows, is it a good combination (from a career perspective)? Although Windows can be […]

50% off Learning Perl Video Series during OSCON

During OSCON, you can get Randal’s Schwartz’s Learning Perl Video Series for $74.99 (50% off). This is the same class that Stonehenge presents to its corporate clients, based on Learning Perl (or, more correctly, the book is based on the class). You can also get the Programming Perl ebook for $19.99 (50% the list price) […]

Student Workbook for Learning Perl, 2nd Edition

The Student Workbook for Learning Perl, 2nd Edition is now available for $3.99 for the DRM-free digital version, in either mobi, ePub, or PDF formats. I wrote the first edition in 2005 as a collection of extra exercises and detailed solutions for each of the chapters in Learning Perl, then the third edition. Since 2005, […]